Operation & Maintenance Manual

The collation of the Operation & Maintenance Manuals can be a significant burden on a Principal Contractor. Safety For Design Ltd have a dedicated team who can undertake the entire process, removing the workload from the Principal Contractor whilst still providing regular updates to satisfy stakeholders that milestones will be met.

Operations & Maintenance Manuals

The Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual contains the information required for the operation, maintenance, cleaning, repair and replacement of all the elements built, installed or fitted as part of a project. Clearly, this can mean a lot of information, from a lot of contractors, companies, supplier websites and so on. When the Principal Contractor is already hard-pressed for time – managing the build, overseeing the sub-contractors and ensuring the whole project is running smoothly – the collation of the O&M Manual can present a significant burden on top.

This is where Safety for Design can help.

Shaping the Manual

Safety for Design have a comprehensive O&M Manual Structure template, which is fully customisable to The Client’s wishes and the needs of the project. Included Mechanical and Electrical works (M&E), Architectural, Structural, External, Specialist and Bespoke works packages. Whatever the project demands. The complete layout of the manual is put at The Client’s fingertips in a simple, yet well-present document.
Intuitively designed Contractor Packages create a thorough, easy-to-respond-to requests for information. The Package consists of an O&M Manual document and a logical array of a logical folder array into which supporting documents can be dropped, zipped and sent back in to SFD for final processing.

The O&M Manual is a Microsoft Word document form, which the sub-contractor fills in with the information pertinent to their package of works. The items included are:
Introduction & Overview: Company Information (Name, Trade, Address, Tel, Email, Web); Emergency Contact Details (Name, Tel, Email); Sub-Contractor Information – if used (Name, Trade, Address, Tel, Email, Web); Scope of Works; Design Parameters & Conditions; and Calculations.

Health & Safety Procedures and Residual Risks: Residual Hazards; Disposal Instructions (including strategy for key recycled materials)

Plant & Equipment Schedule: Asset Register

Maintenance: Maintenance Schedule; Access Inspection & Replacement; and Methodology on Access, Maintenance & Replacement of Equipment

As-Built Drawings; As-Built Drawing Schedule

Test/Commissioning Certificates; Schedule of Testing/Commissioning Certificates; Logbooks

COSHH; COSHH Item Details; Schedule of COSHH (Safety Data Sheets & Assessments)

Manufacturers Literature; List of Site-Specific Products; Schedule of Literature (Manufacturer, Product & Document Reference); Supplier/Manufacturer Information (Name, Trade, Address, Tel, Email & Web)

The folder array is organised into the following Appendices:

Calculations & Design; Maintenance & Methodology; As Built Drawings; Test Certificates and Logbooks; COSHH & Data Sheets; and Manufacturers’ Literature.

Making It All Visible

The O&M Manual Tracker document is used to provide an overview of the progress of the O&M Manual collation in an at-a-glance format. Mirroring the O&M Manual Structure document, the Tracker provides information on which sub-contractor is responsible for which package of works; the key milestone dates in the production of the O&M Manual Package (when the blank form was issued out, when the sub-contractor returned the completed package); commentary on outstanding items of information or documentation; and confirmation of the closing out of each O&M Manual package as it is completed. This is all presented in a Microsoft Excel document which is easy to use and highly compatible.

Moreover, we can attend Stakeholder Meetings and Update Briefings on larger scale projects, wherein Safety For Design provides a comprehensive presentation. SFD provide a clear picture of how to use the O&M Manuals in everyday situations; for Planned Preventative Maintenance; and for Stock / Parts Ordering. SFD ensure the attendees are fully familiar with how to find a specific detail they may need, in an expedient fashion.

Bridging the Gap

By managing the flow of information into the O&M Manuals and reporting to all parties concerned, SFD bridge the gap between the Principal Contractor, their sub-contractors and the Stakeholders involved in the project. The Principal Contractor is provided with an overview of the O&M Manuals development, confident in the knowledge that all the pieces are being collated in a logical, timely fashion, ready to be available for the hand-over date required.

Sometimes managing upwards of 120 x 12-page O&M Manual sections (and their associated support documentation) this lifts a significant burden from the Principal Contractor in terms of workload. Notwithstanding the number of packages involved, SFD always provide succinct, easy to follow summary information to all parties concerned.

Delivering the Goods

SFD work toward having a Draft Issue of the O&M Manual ready for review, in advance of the hand-over date. (Should the project have a series of phased handovers (such as multiple building units within one project), SFD are capable of fulfilling such schedules, also.) This is to allow any last-minute documentation, testing or commissioning certificates or project changes / additions to be reflected in the Final Issue of the O&M Manuals. This can remove potential issues from surfacing in the documentation, when the hand-over day comes.

We deliver the O&M Manuals in the agreed format; uploaded to a collaborative tool; as files stored on a USB drive; by electronic transfer or cloud-based sharing platforms. With compatibility being a watchword in today’s information-sharing activities, SFD us popular formats as standard: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, MS Excel etc. We believe this allows our customers to manipulate the documentation easily and share it effortlessly with their End Users.

We have used Safety for Design for all our site audits over the past 5 years and they have also carried out the Principal Designer role on numerous projects for us, as well as providing advice and support to ensure we are fully complying with the CDM Regulations 2015 on all our sites throughout the UK they also provide us with assistance to ensure all our documentation complies with current legislation and general advice to assist us in adequately managing the risks within our business

Scott Wilson - Director, IBO Construction

North Staffs Pipe have been pleased to be associated with Safety For Design for many years. Their support and professional guidance has been invaluable to the business. We would recommend to any company looking for support to get them on board. We look forward to continued association in the future.

Katie Parrish - Director, North Staffs Pipe Services Limited

Safety for Design have provided clear and pragmatic guidance to our client, design team and contractors. They have guided us through the CDM 2015 Regulations to ensure our projects achieve the best possible practice compliance.

Ryan Riches - Director, Artal

Over the past 4 and a half years, SFD have provided myself and my colleagues with an invaluable source of health and safety expertise and guidance. They have provided both the function of CDM consultants and principle designer, ensuring our team upholds the same level of safety conscientiousness, as within their own team. They are refreshing to work with, providing on tap support.

Webber Forbes - Site Transition Project Manager, Thales Group

Safety for Design have been worked closely with St Modwen for the past 10 years and have been instrumental in helping bring health & safety matters to the forefront of our agenda. Their competence, dedication, input and guidance has helped forge new initiatives and systems that ensure all Duty Holder obligations under the CDM 2015 Regulations are met

Richard Carter - Senior Director Construction, St Modwen Industrial & Logistics

“The Inglis Consortium LLP have worked with SFD from 2014 and they have become an integral part of the team delivering the infrastructure for 2240 residential units at Millbrook Park, Mill Hill. Their knowledge, commitment and pragmatism have led to a very safe multi developer site.”

Keith Hurford - Director, Millbrook Park

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