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Safety At The Taj Mahal

1000 Elephants

Many know of the beautiful and heart-warming story of love behind the Taj Mahal – built by Emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz, this marvel has lured millions of visitors over the years but how many of us knew that there were so many design secrets and considerations.
You may have heard that it was designed to be perfectly symmetrical in every way, you may also have learnt that there 28 different varieties of stone brought from different parts of Asia. It is said that over 1000 elephants were used to transport materials with around 22,000 people taking 22 years to complete this outstanding structure…

Four Pillars


How many knew that the four pillars were designed and constructed to lean away from the main monument so that in the event of any natural calamities such as earthquakes, they would crumble and fall away and therefore leave the main structure untouched.

Marble and Pulleys

When construction began in 1631, the role of Principal Designer was not yet developed, however some of the principles behind it were clearly considered with the surrounding environment and known earthquakes affecting the design, interestingly though, we wonder whether the materials used were thought through – with great amounts of marble brought in and pulley systems said to be created and used to install the sections.

Choosing the right people

So, to all those Romeo’s out there, before you set your mind on building your beloved partner a palace, ensure you have a competent Principal Designer appointed.

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