Project Marshall

A Client project that involves every aspect of CDM and uses Safety For Design’s experience in all areas of competency.

Project Marshall began in 2014 when Aquila, a joint venture between Thales UK and NATS, was selected by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deliver wide-ranging solutions for provision of air traffic services.

Safety for Design has worked on Project Marshall as Principal Designer, since April 2015, providing comprehensive health and safety coordination and support to Thales UK in their role as Principal Contractor. The project entails modernising air traffic management at over 100 MOD locations for military and civil aircraft operating in and out of the UK and overseas.

Recently, we have developed an environment management assessment process in line with the MODs Project Orientated Environmental Management System (POEMS).  The process looks at various stages of Project Marshall from the design concept through the construction phase, operations and maintenance phases and the end of life phase to identify potential environmental impacts and the effects on the local surrounding environment.

The assessment then looks at the level of risk to the environment, the current controls, the residual level of risk and mitigating measures to lower the risk further.  This allows the project to identify key areas where the risk to the environment needs to be monitored and managed and allows them to create environmental objectives and targets and a management program.

We also provide Project Marshall with comprehensive advice to the project and site teams, monitoring site operations through regular auditing and attendance at progress review meetings.