St. Modwen Homes

St. Modwen Homes meteoric rise into a leading national developer, provided Safety For Design with a difficult but exciting opportunity to develop their health and safety arrangements and site support to keep pace with their build program; one that we are happy to say we have succeeded in.

Safety For Design – Providing the Complete Package!

St. Modwen Homes are the Client, Designer and Principal Contractor, specialising in building attractive modern homes, cleverly designed to suit the needs of the modern homeowner and always in the very best locations.

Safety For Design have acted as competent advisors for St. Modwen Homes from inception, providing the full range of health and safety support to the Company, senior management, site management and site teams.

The service we provide is all encompassing including;

      • Writing and updating the Company safety, health and environmental policies and arrangements;
      • Providing all site control documentation;
      • Initial site specific risk assessments and outline Construction Method Statements;
      • Environmental Management Plans;
      • Collection of pre-construction information;
      • Producing the project Construction Phase Plan;
      • Site auditing and inspection programme;
      • Collection of health and safety file and operation and maintenance information.
      • Site support, to include;
      • Coordination of health and safety with site team;
      • Updating site documentation;
      • Fire risk assessments;
      • Accident investigations;
      • Contractor engagement process;
      • Site inspections;
      • Legislation, guidance & best practice updates;
      • Coordination with Sales.

What makes St. Modwen Homes so special is that it is the house building business of St. Modwen, the UK’s leading regeneration specialist with over 25 years of experience.

It’s this wealth of experience in regenerating varied and complex sites across the country that has helped St. Modwen Homes develop a firm understanding of how to create sustainable communities in desirable locations. The Safety For Design team have for over 7 years, provided the complete range of safety, health and environmental support and advice for all aspects of the St. Modwen business.

We were delighted to receive this letter of thanks from St Modwen.