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How we do it

How we do it

Our process is centred on the practical interpretation of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 as well as the other legal obligations. As an experienced Principal Designer and specialist construction, design and management consultant, our primary roles are to:


  • Provide proactive advice and practical assistance to our Clients and their design team;
  • Provide specific advice, systems and support to our Clients and their design team on how to comply with the Regulations relating to health and safety resources and competence;
  • On behalf of our Clients, facilitate the cooperation and coordination of the design team during the design development stages;
  • Support our Clients and their design team in identifying and ensuring suitable arrangements are put into place to achieve project safety;
  • Develop a strategy with the project team for maintaining the flow of relevant health and safety related information throughout the lifetime of the project;
  • Promote the suitability and compatibility of designs and work with the design team when dealing with the risk consequences of construction and workplace design decisions;
  • Provide support for our Clients by advising on the suitability of the Principal Contractor’s Construction Phase (Health and Safety) Plan;
  • Encourage and develop links between the permanent and temporary work Designers and actively liaise with the Principal Contractor to ensure safe design; and
  • Prepare or update the Health and Safety File.