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Finsley Gate Mill

Safety For Design were appointed as Principal Designer by CMR Demolition for the partial demolition of the Finsley Gate Mill on the banks of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, with a view of retaining the original mill and the landmark chimney, which date back to 1820.

The Safety For Design team have worked with CMR on numerous demolition aspects and phases of Finsley Gate Mill and Healey Royd Mill, since St. Modwen bought the sites from shoe-maker, Lambert Howarth, in 2005.

Some of the aspects covered in this working relationship between the Safety For Design team and CMR include;

  • In 2008 the demolition of the 5 acre Healy Royd Mill side of the canal began;
  • In 2009, a bridge over the canal which once linked the two mills to transfer goods was demolished during the demolition works and clearance of the Healey Royd Mill site;
  • Asbestos strip out works were completed on Finsley Gate Mill by CMR in 2011.

The demolition of the Finsley Gate Mill brought many problems and difficulties due to the instability of the structure and the Client’s request to retain the original mill structure which is connected to the buildings to be demolished.

A report by Rodgers Leask identified significant risks. The report states that, in respect of the 1866 mill, the timber elements to the floors and the roof are now in such a poor state that refurbishment is not an option and it will be more beneficial to carry out demolition of the structure in order to prevent a local uncontrolled collapse.

The location of the mill, between the main road and canal tow-path, plus the differences in levels, restrict operations and presented a problem of the retention of the canal structure.

  • Sector : Demolition
  • Client : CMR Demolition
  • Services Supplied : Principal Designer
  • Project Value : N/A