Fire Safety


At Safety For Design we know the risk of fire is a concern for all businesses. Whether you operate as a landlord, property management, office environment or a business with a premises, you will be required to consider the risk of fire.

Fire risk assessments are required to meet with The Fire Safety Order 2005 – UK Fire Regulations. The fire safety order is aimed at simplifying the fire safety process, while at the same time placing a greater onus on a business owner to carry out fire risk assessments. This means that the responsibility for complying with the Fire Safety Order rests with the ‘responsible person’.

Many people are not sure if they are ‘a’ responsible person or if they have any duties under the relevant legislation. You may be a responsible person even if you don’t own a property or workplace and this is where a lot of people find difficulties.

Safety For Design can help you with this, we can provide an assessment of responsibilities and help you to outline what you may be required to do.

Our fire safety services include;

      • Fire Safety Policies
      • Property Fire Risk Mapping
      • Fire Risk Assessments & Reviews
      • Fire Evacuation & Strategy Planning
      • Emergency Response Plans

Our competent fire risk assessors can quantify and advise on physical risks within the built environment and then converse with our client, whether they are designers, employees, insurers, owners or occupiers.

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