CDM 2015: Implications for Clients

There are many Clients around the country who will be contemplating the most pragmatic, cost effective and safeguarding way to discharge their duties under CDM 2015.
We have made some observations and taken a view based on over 24 years in the health and safety profession working with the construction industry, managing CDM on all types of project.
We have abridged Regulation 4 the Client duties for managing projects below;
A Client must make suitable arrangements for managing a project, including the allocation of sufficient time and other resources. Arrangements are suitable if they ensure that the construction work can be carried out, so far as is reasonably practicable, without risks to the health or safety of any person affected by the project; and arrangements are maintained and reviewed throughout the project.

Transitional Period
• Now CDM 2015 has come into force (6th April 2015) there will be a transitional period that will run for a period of six months until 6th October 2015. This will cover any existing projects already in progress, before they will be required to transfer over and comply fully with CDM 2015.
• Any existing formal appointments will also need to be reviewed, and the role of Principal Designer established and agreed within the project teams.
• As of 6th October 2015, ALL applicable construction works must fully comply with CDM 2015.

Strengthening Client Accountability
In CDM 2007, where a Client appointed a competent CDM-C, the CDM-C was effectively the firewall between the Client and any incident arising on a project. There is no doubt that the CDM 2015 Regulations have removed that firewall and strengthen Client accountability.
• The Client has overall responsibility for the successful management of the project and is supported by the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor in different phases of the project.
• The Client ensures that the construction project is set up so that it is carried out from start to finish in a way that adequately controls the risks to the health and safety of those who may be affected.
• The Client must make suitable arrangements to ensure that, throughout the planning, design and construction of a project, adequate consideration is given to the health, safety and welfare of all those affected and involved in the construction work.

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Mark Dyche