Apr 2015

CDM 2015: Implications for Clients

There are many Clients around the country who will be contemplating the most pragmatic, cost effective and safeguarding way to discharge their duties under CDM 2015. We have made some observations and taken a view based on over 24 years in the health and safety profession working with the construction industry, managing CDM on all types of project. We have abridged Regulation 4 the Client...

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Sep 2014

CDM Regulations 2015 – Are we building the future?

  Following a recent consultation on the changes to Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations we take a look at the key associated issues.   It has been well publicised that the UK, despite having one of the best track records in construction health and safety, did not fully implement the European Directive 92/57/EEC – temporary or mobile construction sites 1992 and is now being...

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